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StrategyXtender2 links your trading strategies easily to trade publishers like Collective2 to help you generate subscriber income from your successful strategies.

Zero programming changes needed!

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  • Features

    • Works with TradeStation 9.5x, NinjaTrader 7/8, MultiCharts64

    • Easily connect your trading strategies in real time to trade publishers

    • Manage multiple trading strategies and generate subscription revenue from your subscribers without additional software development burden

    • Trade multiple strategies and symbols with position tracking for each strategy

    • Lets you focus on core strategy development instead of order management and platform connection issues

    • Fast! Orders are sent to the target publisher or broker within milliseconds of a position change in your strategies

    • Zero Programming changes:
      • just add the included SignalCopier indicator/strategy to any chart to be traded
      • your strategy signals are followed and sent to the remote publisher or broker automatically

    • Eliminates slow and unreliable email based signal interfaces

    • Position scaling - when your strategy increases or decrease position quantity, StrategyXtender will automatically synchronize the remote position size

    • Automated Trailing Stops (supported in Trade Station 9.5 and later versions)

    • Profit targets

    • Strategy Trading Constraints to prevent unintended trading activity from your strategies

    • Full network session management for 24x7 unattended operation

    • Run multiple trading strategies at the same time

    • Strategies can connect to multiple remote services and accounts concurrently

    • Integrate your platform with high performance brokers, including Interactive Brokers

    • Flexible subscription and permanent license options

    • Support and software updates included with all subscriptions, and for 12 months with purchase (50% annually thereafter)

    StrategyXtender Dashboard

    • Manage and monitor your trading platforms and strategies in real time

    • Monitors multiple brokers and publishers 24x7

    • Enter Manual Orders (Market, Stop, Limit orders)
    • Submit new manual orders
    • Update, Cancel existing orders
    • Close one or all positions

  • Supported Trading Platforms

    • MultiCharts64 
    • Coming Soon: MT5, MultiCharts.Net, NinjaTrader 8
  • Supported Brokers and Trade Publishers

    • Collective2
    • Crypto: Binance, Coinbase, Kraken
    • Brokers: Interactive Brokers